“of all the gin joints, in all the towns…..”

Mt Diablo across a field in Brentwood ca

Of all the cherry farm stands in all the towns in all the world….well in Brentwood anyway. A blog reporter by the name of Carrine, from Travel Lens stopped into Mike’s U-Pick last summer. Travel Lens is famous for creating posts of the ‘Best Things to Do In (fill in a city name)’, covering not…

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Mikes U-pick gives back to their community

harvest crew from The Urban Farmers at Mike's Upick Cherry Orchard

Mike’s U-Pick loves to grow fruit for local u-pick enthusiasts. But sometimes there aren’t enough pickers in a season to get all the fruit. That happened with their cherries in the summer of 2019, and Mike’s didn’t want the fruit to go to waste. That’s when The Urban Farmers came to the rescue. Founded in…

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