Safety First While You Cherry U-Pick in Brentwood

You can’t imagine the crowds of excited people who come to Brentwood during our peak u-pick days. We suggest staying focused on safety when driving to the various u-pick locations here in town. Please have a plan for your travels; map out the orchards that you’d like to visit. “Harvest Time” has an app for your smartphone that has a produce directory with maps to all (alternatively, you may visit their website; Taking the time to do this ahead of time will ensure driving in the safest manner, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable (less stressful!) time. See our driving tips below.

cars on the road near orchard

Mike’s U-Pick reminds you to be mindful of the following to stay SAFE!

  • Be proactive when driving around Brentwood; there will be HUNDREDS of cars roaming around, just like you are doing, during the u-pick season.
  • Do NOT make any U-turns (this is the biggest cause of an accident!)
  • Use extreme caution at all intersections.
  • Drive no more than the posted speed limit on each road, and use caution, for less is probably far better.
  • Don’t pull over in unsafe areas (with cars zipping past, for example).
  • Keep your eyes on the road, not your phone (your co-pilot should be the one reciting driving directions).
  • Watch out for other drivers (THEY may be the ones speeding, looking at their phone, or making a u-turn!)
  • Watch your kids at all times, don’t let them wander alone in the orchards.
  • Do not park or stop on the edge of any roads (again, you can’t imagine the crowds of cars) – drive further to find somewhere safe to pull over.
Mike’s wishes you happy picking, and to stay safe!