“of all the gin joints, in all the towns…..”

Of all the cherry farm stands in all the towns in all the world….well in Brentwood anyway. A blog reporter by the name of Carrine, from Travel Lens stopped into Mike’s U-Pick last summer. Travel Lens is famous for creating posts of the ‘Best Things to Do In (fill in a city name)’, covering not only the USA, but also Europe, Asia, and Oceania (i.e. Australia). Usually the posts contain 15 best things to do, but their article for Brentwood had 17 things, that’s Brentwood for you; more good things than most!

Photo of Mt. Diablo in the distance – Rich Lonardo / shutterstock.com

The Travel Lens post covered things to do such as a hike through Marsh Creek State Historic Park, wine tasting at Hannah Nicole Vineyards, Water skiing at Orwood, golf at Brentwood Golf Club, bowling at Harvest Park, going to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market, visiting Tess’ Community Kitchen, and many others. But of all the outstanding cherry stands in Brentwood, Mike’s U-Pick was honored to be named as something to do in Brentwood in the article. Thank you, Carrine!

And as Carrine, the blog reporter put it, “More than the different attractions you can experience, Brentwood offers a selection of sights you can explore where you can admire a bounty of nature.” – Mikes U-Pick thinks we’d all agree that a cherry is certainly one of nature’s bounties!

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